Hobson McKown is prosecuting Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller

Hobson McKown has petitioned the Centre County Court of Common Pleas for review of his private criminal complaints.

On September 25, 2016, Hobson McKown accused Denny Nau of Neglect or Refusal to Perform Duties under the County Code (16 P.S. § 411) and Official Oppression under the Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.S. 5301). Despite first class mail, a letter addressed one month later to Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller sent by certified mail, and personal service to assistant district attorney Megan McGoron on January 23, 2017, I was ignored. Even Right to Know Law requests did not turn up the private criminal complaints I had submitted for approval or disapproval. So, on April 24, 2017, I accused Stacy Parks Miller of Neglect or Refusal to Perform Duties. I sent a letter to each and every assistant district attorney. I sent certified mail copies. I was ignored. I filed for relief with the court. Judge Thomas King Kistler ordered the attorney for the Commonwealth, Stacy Parks Miller, to take action on my criminal complaints against former Sheriff Denny Nau and District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller, within 20 days of August 4, 2017 (order distributed August 9.) The docket is found at CP-14-MD-1279-2017. I need an attorney to step forward and stand up to be appointed by the court as an independent prosecutor under 16 P.S. § 1409.

Hobson McKown asks those reading the Stacy Parks Miller facebook page to find him an attorney to prosecute her, 2017-11-12

The following are some of the files related to the private criminal complaint prosecution proceeding.

I thank the Centre Daily Times and Lori Falce for creating the article. No news is bad news. For this article to displace all others but two on the Google results for Stacy Parks Miller is absolutely amazing. Local man gets ruling on petition against Parks Miller

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